How can I deposit my stimulus check if I receive it by mail?

The quickest and most convenient option for depositing your stimulus check is Mobile Deposit. Simply use your smartphone or tablet and our mobile banking app to make a deposit any time.

Mobile deposit is easy, just:

  • Make sure to endorse your check.
  • Open our mobile banking app and select ‘Deposit’ from the menu at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select ‘Deposit a check,’ chose the account you want to deposit the money into, then enter the amount of the check.
  • Next, hold your phone over the front of the check and follow the on-screen prompts to take a photo. Click ‘Use’ if the image is clear. Repeat the same steps to take a photo of the back of your endorsed check.
  • Once the images have been captured, click ‘Make deposit’.

Other deposit options include visiting a branch or using an ATM that accepts deposits.

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