Suffolk Federal’s Eva Casale Receives “Civilian of the Year Award” from Long Island 9-1-1 Veterans

Photo of Award RecipientSuffolk Federal’s Vice President of Information Technology and extreme distance marathon runner Eva Casale was honored by 9-1-1- Veterans as “Civilian of the Year” during their 10th Annual Veterans Appreciation Dinner. The Civilian of the Year recognition is 9-1-1 Veterans’ highest award presented to a civilian for outstanding efforts, contributions and dedication to those who have served in or are presently serving in the military.

Eva Casale was honored for her support for veterans and their families during her annual “Every Veteran Appreciated Week.” Each year Eva runs an incredible seven marathons (a total of 184 miles) in seven days to raise funds and awareness for Hope For The Warriors. Each day’s marathon recognizes local servicemen killed in action and is linked to communities they called home. “I am truly honored to be recognized by an organization and its members who work so hard to support and serve our local veterans,” said Casale. “To make a difference for our veterans and to honor the legacy of our fallen heroes who have sacrificed so much for our precious freedom is one small way my team and I can support these brave citizens for their service to our country,” she continued.

Matt Rossano, Vice President of 9-1-1 Veterans, presented the award and spoke of Eva’s noteworthy attributes and commitment to making a difference for military veterans and their families. Rossano shared in detail the Team E.V.A. event and explained that Eva “has created a unique program which honors not only our fallen heroes and their families but those who continue to serve or have served as well. These runs are not just about completing the distance, they focus on those that we have lost, many of whom fought for the freedoms we enjoy,” he continued.

“Suffolk Federal is extremely proud of Eva Casale,” added Ralph D. Spencer, Jr., President and CEO of Suffolk Federal who is the lead sponsor for the Team E.V.A. event. “This is an important honor and recognition and Eva’s selection as “Civilian of the Year” is a direct reflection of her unwavering and outstanding commitment to serving and supporting our veterans and their families. We commend Eva for using her incredible gift for running extreme distances to create an event to accomplish extraordinary service for others. Suffolk Federal and its Board are inspired and proud to have Eva Casale as part of our team and look forward to supporting Eva’s mission once again this year,” he continued.

In addition to the “Civilian of the Year” award, Eva was presented with a 9-1-1 Veterans fleece jacket to keep her warm during the upcoming runs she will be undertaking.   This year the Team E.V.A. event will take place during April 21-27. For more information visit


Pictured from Left to Right are 9-1-1 Veterans Secretary Ken Augsbach; 9-1-1 Veterans President John Jex; Civilian of the Year Recipient Eva Casale and 9-1-1 Veterans Vice President Matt Rossano.

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