Protection with Every Purchase

Suffolk Federal MasterCard® Debit Card with advanced EMV chip technology provides you with the most secure purchase experience possible. Available with a personal or business checking account, your debit card with chip gives you:

  • Earn points for spending with uChoose Rewards! Earn 1 (one) point for every $4 spent when you make signature-based purchases using your Suffolk Federal MasterCard® Debit Card. Rewards points are redeemable for merchandise, travel, events, merchant gift cards and more. Plus, if you have more than one debit card on your membership, or even debit cards on multiple memberships, you are able to combine your points and earn rewards even faster! Register your debit card today at
  • Manage your card with the CardValet® app. Rest easy by conveniently managing the debit cards in your wallet with the phone in your pocket.
  • Pay with your smartphone online, within apps, and in stores with Digital Wallet.
  • Set up your Debit card for recurring automatic payments like utility bills, gym memberships or a monthly cell phone bill!
  • Enhanced 24/7 fraud monitoring provides dynamic data that cannot be known by someone who steals your card or card number. The chip also makes replicating and counterfeiting your card more difficult than one with a magnetic strip alone.
  • Suffolk Federal provides Debit Card Text Alerts as a free service to its members. This service immediately notifies members of suspicious activity.
  • MasterCard’s® Zero Liability Protection against unauthorized purchases when you select credit instead of debit when checking out.
  • MasterCard Automatic Billing Service for recurring payments
  • Access to more than 71,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide.

Download the MasterCard® Guide to Benefits to learn more.

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