You’re Always Covered at Suffolk Federal

Worry less with Suffolk Federal Courtesy Pay. This service can automatically cover check(s) you’ve written or electronic funds (ACH) drawn if you have insufficient funds in your personal or business checking account. This does not include overdrafts that may occur from ATM or one-time debit card transactions. It also covers any of our current Overdraft Protection methods that fail to cover those items—for a nominal fee. Overdraft protection is automatically provided from your Share Savings account and is also available from a pre-established Line-of-Credit. Courtesy Pay will cover item(s) up to $750, including a per-item fee of $32.

Your checking account becomes eligible for Courtesy Pay once you have been a credit union member in good standing for 120 days and have a good credit history. Courtesy Pay covers both checks and electronic transaction items from your checking account that may put your account negative.* Once you use Courtesy Pay, you have up to 14 days to regain a positive account balance in order to maintain your member-in-good-standing status.

If you do not wish to automatically receive Courtesy Pay or if you receive Direct Deposit Social Security or other protected benefits and do not want these funds used to repay an overdraft, you can opt out. To opt out of Courtesy Pay, you may complete an opt-out request via an Online Banking secure message or complete the Courtesy Pay disclosure and opt-out form, which you may email or bring to your local branch.

Support for your purchases when you need it? We see it too.

To see how you can benefit from Courtesy Pay and overdraft protection, contact us or visit your local branch.

*Suffolk Federal pays overdrafts at our discretion and reserves the right not to pay. Unqualified transactions will be returned, and a $30 insufficient funds fee will incur.