Leadership Team

At Suffolk Federal, our leadership team works together towards an important common goal: to provide better banking for Long Island. Suffolk Federal’s Board of Directors, committee members and management staff are dedicated to you—our members—making sure that all of the products and services we provide are the very best.

Board of Directors

James J. Maggio, Jr., Chairman
Frank C. Trotta, Vice Chairman
Phil F. T. Bauccio, Secretary
Edward J. Reilly, Treasurer
Mark G. Creighton, M.D., Director
Gary J. Lamm, Ed. D., Director
Robert Schaefer, Director

Supervisory Committee

Lorraine Hickey, Chairwoman
Todd C. Johnson, Vice Chairman/Secretary
Joseph Blaettler, Member
Russell S. Danna, CPA Member
Daniel J. Murphy, Member

Member Services Committee

Frank C. Trotta, Chairman
Robert Schaefer
Edward J. Reilly
James J. Maggio, Jr. (alternate)

Security Coordinator

Richard J. Bishop

Management Officers

Ralph D. Spencer, Jr., Acting President & Chief Executive Officer
Sarah McCandless, Executive Vice President
  & Chief Financial Officer
Keith Miller, Chief Lending Officer
James E. Gallagher, Vice President of 
   Credit Union Services LLC
Richard Klefsky, Vice President of Retail Banking
Pamela Palleschi, Vice President of Human Resources
Krista Svedberg, Vice President of Marketing

Credit Union Services, LLC

Robert Schaefer, Chairman
James E. Gallagher, Vice President of Credit Union Services LLC
Richard Conzo, Manager
Diane C. Rafferty, Manager
Frank A. Zvanovec, Manager