Protect Your Furriest Family Members With Pet Plan!

Photo of DogEnroll in America’s Best-Loved Pet Insurance at Suffolk Federal!

Meet Winston! “He loves his toy hedgehog and he really loves Petplan Pet Insurance! They have been the #1 choice for us for years now after we rescued Winston. The coverage is no fuss, no red tape and straight to the point without any hidden loopholes.They also have incredible customer service! We even have received personal calls from them to check in on Winston each time he has needed care.”-The Alberti Family

Suffolk Federal partners with Petplan Pet Insurance to offer our membership the best protection for the furriest members of your family. Petplan helps give peace of mind when it matters most. We’ve even pulled together a list of 5 Valuable Benefits of Pet Insurance so you can learn more!

You can’t predict your pets’ health, but you can plan for it. Petplan Pet insurance helps you pay unexpected vet bills—so if your pets have an accident or become ill, your first thought can be about their care, not your budget.

Thousands of pet parents agree–including Winston’s–that Petplan is America’s #1 pet insurance provider! Get a 10% discount when you enroll online with code INS0531C.
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