Suffolk Federal is happy to announce that on July 15, Personal Finance Management (PFM) will available to you through Online Banking! PFM is a money management tool that provides a simple way for you to better manage your finances and allows you to calculate your net worth, set budgets, view spending habits and even set up a debt payment plan.

IMPORTANT NOTE: On July 15, when you log into Online Banking, you will be prompted to accept a disclosure related to PFM, which will allow you to begin using the feature. If you should choose not proceed with PFM, you may select Later and will only be prompted to address the disclosure once you decide to utilize the service.


  • Account Aggregation: Allows you to add external accounts from other financial institutions and view them together with internal accounts on your Home page.
  • Simple Categorization: Offers simplified transaction descriptions and automatic categorization across your internal and external accounts.
  • Greater User Insight: Helps you better understand your financial data and spending behaviors–inside and outside Suffolk Federal.
  • Helpful Visuals: Allows you to view your personal data in a variety of ways, such as budgets, spending, net worth, debts and trends.

Want to learn more about how to use PFM? Check out these helpful video tutorials by clicking here. You may also view our User Guide or contact us anytime for assistance.

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