Digital Wallet: Shopping Has Never Been Easier

In the golden age of technological conveniences, our smartphones have become our new best friends. And why not? Everything you need is packed into that tiny world. Taking a road trip? Get turn-by-turn directions from Google Maps. Want to listen to your favorite artists? Pull up your Spotify playlist. Have to deposit a check? The Suffolk Federal mobile banking app lets you do it with the snap of a picture. Need to pay for something? Use the ultimate purchasing convenience:  Your Digital Wallet. What makes a Digital Wallet better than cash or a physical card?


  • It’s Much More Convenient

Don’t wrestle with cash or lug around a dozen cards whenever you leave the house. Your Digital Wallet allows you to load all of your debit and credit cards onto the app so you can get in and get out—just pay for your purchase with a flick of the finger. If you have the Google Pay Digital Wallet, you can also make easy online purchases—no more hunting down your card to enter those tedious 16 digits again.


  • It’s as Easy as 1-2-3

Install and setup are quick and simple, and making purchases is just as easy as using a physical card! All you have to do is put your phone near or on the payment terminal and you’re done. Ready to make an online purchase? Just select the Google Pay option and move on with your day.


  • It Doesn’t Cost You Any More

There won’t be any hidden charges when you pay with your Suffolk Federal MasterCard® credit or debit card, it’s just like making a purchase with your physical card. You can still track your spending too: Your transactions appear online or on your monthly statement.


  • It’s Safe and Secure

Shop with confidence: Your financial safety and well-being are our number one priority. In fact, your Suffolk Federal MasterCard® is safer in your Digital Wallet than in your physical wallet, where it can get lost or stolen. Plus, your actual card number is never shared when you make a purchase; instead, a unique, one-time device number is created to process your payment and can never be used again.


Want to know more about Digital Wallet? Visit Suffolk Federal’s Financial Empowerment: Online Workshop, begin the Financial Basics module, and select Mobile Payments to get started.

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