Suffolk Federal's Debit Card with EMV Chip Technology

See yourself shopping with added peace of mind? At Suffolk Federal, we see it too. Suffolk Federal's new MasterCard® Debit Card outfitted with advanced EMV chip technology is designed to give you the best, most secure purchase experience possible.

Utilizing a dynamic chip that secures your data and is difficult to replicate and counterfeit, your Debit Card offers:

Enhanced 24/7 fraud monitoring. The chip provides dynamic data that cannot be known by someone who steals your card or card number. The chip also makes replicating and counterfeiting your card more difficult than one with a magnetic strip alone.

Ability to use your card anywhere. Many merchants have updated their payment terminals to process EMV cards. If a merchant is not EMV capable, your purchase can still be processed using the magnetic strip on your card.

Plus, you can earn up to $350 a year with Suffolk Federal's MasterCard® Debit Card!* Our cash back plan gives you even more saving power by returning five cents on each signature-based Debit Card transaction. You no longer need to worry about carrying cash, because you can use your Debit Card for all of your everyday purchases. By pressing credit instead of debit at your favorite store, you're protected by MasterCard's® Zero Liability Protection which ensures you are reimbursed for any unauthorized purchases made on your card. Plus, your PIN remains secure and your account automatically receives continuous fraud monitoring. Plus, your PIN remains secure and your account automatically receives continuous fraud monitoring.

Suffolk Federal's MasterCard® Debit Card also works as an ATM card, giving you access to your Checking or Savings accounts from more than 28,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide. To learn more, download your MasterCard® Guide to Benefits today.

Get yours today! Sign up for your Suffolk Federal membership with Free Advantage Checking online, call 631.204.3119 or visit any of our convenient branch locations located on Long Island in Suffolk County, NY to speak to one of our Member Services Representatives.

* Suffolk Federal will pay members 5-cents per signature based purchase, to be paid out annually in December and deposited in the member's share account. Subject to change without notice.


"LOAD & GO" Reloadable Prepaid MasterCard® Debit Card
Suffolk Federal's Reloadable Prepaid MasterCard® Debit Card can be used anywhere that MasterCard® Debit Cards are accepted. It's a great option for parents who want to manage a college student's budget or simply for individuals and families that prefer a better way to control their spending. Safer than carrying cash and less expensive than a high-interest credit card, the reloadable debit card—with a limit of $5,000 and unlimited reloads from a Suffolk Federal account—can be issued at any Suffolk Federal branch.

Need a Gift Card?
MasterCard® Gift Cards are a flexible gift option that's sure to please! Gift Cards can be used wherever MasterCard® is accepted. Purchase your gift cards at your local Suffolk Federal branch.