Courtesy Pay

Suffolk Federal Courtesy Pay can automatically cover check(s) you've written or electronic funds (ACH) drawn if you have insufficient funds in your Checking Account. This does not include overdrafts that may occur from ATM or one-time debit card transactions. It also covers any of our current Overdraft Protection methods that fail to cover those items.

Suffolk Federal’s Overdraft Protection is currently provided from your Share Savings account. We also offer overdraft protection from a pre-established Line of Credit. Courtesy Pay will pay any item(s) up to $750, including a $30 fee per item.

This service is applied automatically to all checking accounts that qualify. To qualify, you must be a member of the credit union in good standing for at least 120 days and have a good credit history. Courtesy Pay covers both checks and electronic transaction items from your Advantage Checking account that may put your account negative. You will have 14 days to bring your account positive to retain your member-in-good-standing status. Transactions that do not qualify for Courtesy Pay will be returned and the regular non-sufficient funds fee will be imposed. Suffolk Federal pays overdrafts at our discretion and reserves the right not to pay.

Our standard Courtesy Pay program is offered at Suffolk Federals’s discretion. If you do not want to have this feature automatically applied to your account, you may send a fax including your NAME, MEMBER NUMBER(S) and REQUEST to opt-out of the Courtesy Pay Service for your account(s) or make your opt-out request through Online Banking's Secure Messaging.

Note: If you receive Direct Deposit, Social Security, or other protected benefits, you must opt-out if you do not want us to apply these funds to repay an overdraft.

Courtesy Pay Disclosure and Opt-out Notice Link PDF File Download
Fee Schedule

If you have any questions, please contact us at 631.924.8000 to learn about other products and services available to help manage overdrafts.

Courtesy Pay for Business Accounts

For more information on Suffolk Federal's Courtesy Pay/Overdraft Protection service for your business account(s), visit our Checking Accounts for Your Business page.