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5 Ways People Finance Home Renovations

Whether you’ve always wanted a bigger deck for summer barbecues (a $3,600 to $8,400 project), have always hated that pink tub and tile in your master bathroom (at $5,578 to $15,138), or discovered a leak in your basement and need a total overhaul (for $22,000 to $46,000), there are plenty of reasons (fun and not-so-fun)… Read more

The National Credit Union Foundation’s Guidance on Stimulus Check

The National Credit Union Foundation has provided the following guidance to credit union members on how to handle payments as the first stimulus checks begin to reach Americans. The Foundation’s goal is to help people to use the economic impact payment safely and in a way that benefits their financial health and well-being during this difficult… Read more

5 Big 2020 Housing Trends to Watch

With each new year comes a new series of trends—and that’s especially true for the housing market. With the average home price in Suffolk and Nassau counties trending at $390,000 and $540,000, respectively, it’s safe to say a home is the most expensive purchase most people will ever make. With such a large investment, it’s… Read more

Informative Tips for Securing a Business Loan

When it comes to doing business, navigating through the world of loans can be a complex and complicated process. At one time or another, every business will require working capital in order to take the next step or address an emergency.  Whether it is to tackle company needs for a business’ future, expand operations, upgrade… Read more

7 Home Renovations with the Best ROI

There are a number of reasons to make improvements to your home—from general upkeep and necessary expansions to personal preference. But the reason that makes the most fiscal sense is to get a greater return on your investment (ROI) when you’re ready to sell your house or want to increase its equity. When it comes… Read more

Expect the Unexpected: 5 Reasons You Need an Emergency Fund

No matter how well you plan ahead or how careful you are, life happens. No one can control everything, and one day you may find yourself navigating an emergency that you—and your budget—are unprepared for. In fact, a recent finding indicates that 40 percent of Americans are not financially capable of covering a $400 emergency… Read more

Suffolk Federal Offers Tips for Teen Money Management

Habits formed during adolescence often carry over into adulthood and positive money management skills should be no different. Suffolk Federal is sharing ways parents can lead teens on the right path to personal financial responsibility. Save: Once children start receiving a steady allowance or cash from birthdays or other special occasions, they should be encouraged… Read more

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