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8 Terms New Homebuyers Need To Know

  Are you thinking about buying a home? We’re here to help! To begin, here are 8 terms that are essential to know. Closing Costs/Pre-paid You may hear these terms together (or interchangeably) in reference to the expenses you’ll pay at the time you close on your home. Pre-paids are payments that your lender will require you to provide… Read more

5 Tips for Buying a Home on Long Island

Long Island is a popular destination for homebuyers, and for good reason. With its unique blend of urban bustle, suburban security, and natural wonder, our area has something for everyone. Are you thinking about buying a home in Suffolk County or Nassau County? We’re here to help! To start off, here are five quick tips:… Read more

Avoiding Fraud

With everything that 2020 has thrown at us, the last thing you need is for credit card fraud to ruin your holidays.  Of course, there’s never a good time to deal with credit card fraud, but at the end of a tumultuous year, it makes sense to try and enjoy the holidays as much as… Read more

The Smart Money’s With You: Tips for Financing College

The 2020–21 school year may be different from any before, but the Class of 2021 is still marching on toward high school graduation. That means it’s still college application season, and before long, students across our community will be receiving those highly anticipated envelopes in the mail. Of course, getting that long-awaited “Yes” from the… Read more

Explaining Mobile Banking to Older Relatives

Mobile banking is a convenient, secure way to manage your finances anytime, anywhere—but many of us may not realize how difficult it may be for older generations. While smartphones are an ingrained part of your daily life, many seniors don’t have as much experience with navigating apps on a regular basis. This could make them… Read more

Suffolk Federal Highlights 5 Tips to Better Banking Anywhere in the World

Cutting-Edge Technology Makes Financial Management More Efficient As the words ‘virtual’ and ‘technology’ become an essential part of our everyday language, credit unions are proactively responding by providing a better banking experience through online and mobile offerings. “Advances in banking technology combined with the national pandemic have changed how people go about their lives and… Read more

Car Test Drives: What to Check Off Before You Drive Off

Whether it’s your first or your tenth, buying a new (or new to you) car can be both overwhelming and exciting. Before you’ve even set foot on the car lot, you’ve already made so many decisions, like whether you’re buying new or used, getting a sedan, SUV, or truck, which make and model, and how… Read more

What is GAP insurance—and do you really need it?

Automotive Guaranteed Asset Protection—or GAP—is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, a recent study predicts that GAP insurance will become a $6.5 billion market by 2027—a 14.6 percent increase in just seven years. But what exactly is GAP insurance? Why is it becoming so popular? And do you need it? These quick facts can help you… Read more

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