Savings Accounts for Your Business

Most banks charge large fees and limit customer deposits; Suffolk Federal is proud to offer our Business Members NO LIMITS OR FEES on deposits.

Suffolk Federal offers smart business savings, money market and insured share certificate solutions for your business. Only you can decide what’s right for your company, but we’re here to help you choose.

Dividend Bearing Savings Account

Establish a business savings account and receive the same dividend yield as regular personal accounts. A low minimum balance of just $5 gives you access to a host of other financial products and services.

Insured Money Market Accounts

Earn market rate returns on excess funds while having the liquidity to access them when necessary. Click here for our Insured Money Market rates.

Insured Share Certificates

Terms of three months to five years are available on Suffolk Federal Insured Business Share Certificates, giving you flexibility in structuring your business investments. Dividends are paid on these accounts at the same rates offered on personal accounts. All investment account transactions appear in one consolidated statement and provided at the end of each month.

To learn more about how your company can benefit from our Business Savings solutions, contact a representative of our Business Team or visit one of our convenient branch locations throughout Suffolk County, Long Island, NY.