Savings Accounts to Help Your Business Thrive

Suffolk Federal offers business savings accounts, money market accounts and insured share certificate solutions that work hard for your business—giving you the opportunity to build a stronger financial foundation for your Long Island business with no limits or fees on deposits.

Choose the Share Savings account that fits your business:

  • Dividend Bearing Savings Account enables you to receive the same dividend yield as regular personal accounts and grants you access to other financial products and services just by maintaining a low minimum balance of only $5.
  • Insured Money Market Accounts enable you to earn market-rate returns on excess funds, while also having the liquidity to access them when you need to.
  • Insured Share Certificates offer flexible terms ranging from three months to five years and dividends at the same rates offered on personal accounts.

Grow Your Business without Slowing Business

To see how our business savings accounts can make your money work harder for your business, contact us or visit your local Long Island branch. Ready to get started?

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