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Suffolk Federal's Bonus Incentive Program is a program that provides incentives to our members based on your level of participation at the credit union. The more products and services you utilize, the more you save! The Suffolk Federal Bonus Incentive Program has three tiers by aggregate loan balance.

The different levels of participation are automatically calculated and then credited to you, the member, on a quarterly basis. We do all the legwork!

Bonus Incentive Program Benefits Provide:

  • Consumer loan rate discounts on home equity loans, vehicle loans, boat loans and personal loans, and save hundreds of dollars on payments
  • Monthly credits on Suffolk Federal fees, and more
Bonus Incentive Program Requirements Silver Level  Gold Level Platinum Level

Aggregate Loan Balances (non-mortgage)


Active Checking Account

Bill Pay Transactions

Debit Card Signature Transactions







One per month




One per month

One per month


Suffolk Federal Bonus Incentive Program Benefits Silver Level  Gold Level Platinum Level

Rate Discount on your Next Loan*

Mortgage Closing Credit

Monthly Credit Towards Fees











*Loans exclude mortgage, business, and variable rate loans. Bonus Incentive Program levels are updated quarterly. Refinancing of Suffolk Federal loans or mortgages are not eligible for rate discounts or fee credits. This program is a membership based, not individual based. Fee credits are paid monthly and do not roll over into the next month.