Scam Alerts

The credit union has recently learned that fraudsters are launching social engineering attacks to members by posing as the credit union to obtain online banking credentials. Read this important information from Suffolk Federal on the most recent scams and ways to protect yourself from fraud at our Fraud Corner.

Coronavirus Updates

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Visit our Covid-19 Information Page for updated information on Branch Operations, Ways to Bank from Home, Member Assistance and Personal Protective Measures.

Member Updates

New Home Equity Fixed-Rate Mortgage Loan Statement Coming Soon

Suffolk Federal is in the process of creating a separate, more enhanced Home Equity Fixed-Rate Mortgage Loan Statement. It is a new requirement of the NYS Department of Finance to provide a separate monthly statement for your Home Equity Fixed-Rate Mortgage Loan. This statement will have a different look than your current monthly statement. You will see the same information you see now but with a few more line items and Paid Year to Date information.

If further clarification is needed once you receive the new format please call or visit one of our branches. The new statement does not affect the way you make your monthly payments. You still will have the same payment method whether payroll deduction, share transfer or coupon.