5 Valuable Benefits of Pet Insurance

Picture of a Golden Retriever in a carSuffolk Federal Provides a Means to Protect Your Furry Family Members

Pets today have become a vital part of the family nucleus. They play an important role in the family structure and their loyal companionship cannot be denied. The bond between a pet and its owner is a special one which is why more and more pet owners are choosing to secure pet insurance to ensure their beloved companions are well taken care of throughout their lives. Should the worse happen, proper pet insurance can cover accidents, illnesses, heredity and chronic conditions, treatment, alternative therapies and veterinary exam fees.

Suffolk Federal, one of Suffolk County’s leading credit unions, sees the importance of protecting our pets and has partnered with Petplan® Pet Insurance, America’s leading pet insurance provider to offer easy access for pet protection for all of its members. The credit union recently put together a list of “5 Valuable Benefits of Pet Insurance.” The list includes:

  • Ability to Select the Best Pet Vet
    • Unlike human insurance, with pet insurance, you can select the vet you are most comfortable with
  • Insurance Does not Discriminate against Breed or Pet Age
    • While insuring your pet at a younger age may help to keep premiums low, insurance is also available to the older pet and there is no breed discrimination
  • Customize and Budget Pet Healthcare Costs
    • You decide what options will be best for your pet and whether to pay your insurance monthly, quarterly or annually to can make sure that it works within your own budget parameters
  • Eliminates Having to Choose Best Treatment Based on Personal Financial Constraints
    • Nobody should have to decide between providing the very best healthcare for their pet and the ability to afford that care. With pet insurance, you decide on the best treatment for your special friend and can have the option to afford procedures that would not normally be affordable
  • Enables the Ability to Explore Alternative Treatments
    • When you select a policy that offers this option, you can be assured that if the time arises when an alternative therapy or treatment might be best for your pet, then you can decide to do so

“When your best furry friend becomes ill or has an injury, nobody wants to be faced with a decision which might mean compromising the best treatment for the cost of care,” explained Ralph D. Spencer Jr., Suffolk Federal’s President & CEO. “Pet insurance has been designed to provide the owner ‘peace of mind’ by protecting pets against unexpected costs and treatment, helping to offset the pet healthcare expenses to diagnose, treat and manage an ailment or injury – a costly measure which can run as high as $6,000 or more,” he added.

They are a part of your family and we want to protect them, so it is important to make sure that the best pet health care options are available when an emergency happens, an injury occurs or when your pet develops a health problem. For more information on Petplan® Pet Insurance, visit www.suffolkfcu.org/pet-plan. As a special incentive, those members who enroll through the Suffolk Federal will receive a 10% discount code.

We focus on the importance for accessible healthcare for our family members to keep them protected and healthy. Now we have the option to offer similar protection for our pets.

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