5 Tips That Make Remote Check Deposits a Snap

You may already know you can use Suffolk Federal’s mobile banking app on your smartphone to check your account balance and transactions, pay bills, and find nearby ATMs, but did you know you can also use your phone’s camera to remotely deposit checks from the comfort of your own home? Remote check deposits are easy—especially when you follow these five tips: 

  1. Hands Off
    The first step to a successful remote check deposit is to keep your check—and phone–steady. Don’t try to hold the check up with one hand and operate your phone’s camera with the other. Instead, put the check on a stationary surface and keep your camera steady when it’s time for its close-up.
  2. Location, Location, Location
    Just like posting a good selfie, your check image needs the right lighting. Your phone’s camera may have difficulty identifying the check if it’s on a light surface or a patterned background, like a granite countertop. Instead, put your check against a plain black background.
  3. Keep It Separated
    The only thing you want in your check’s picture is the check itself. That means removing any stub information and tiny perforated stragglers so you have a clearly defined rectangle for your image.
  4. Double-Check Your Information
    While your mobile banking app and phone do most of the hard work, you do still need to manually enter in the check amount. If you accidentally type in the incorrect number, the image will not match the information and your deposit will be declined.
  5. Follow-Up
    While your remote check deposit should be successful once you’ve followed these tips, it’s always wise to make sure the deposit was accepted and doesn’t need to be resubmitted. When successfully submitted, you should receive a confirmation on your app. It is especially important to confirm before you destroy the physical check, which you should do no sooner than three days after your deposit is confirmed.

Now that you know just how easy—and convenient—Suffolk Federal’s remote check deposit is, you’ll never have to worry about leaving the house to visit a branch or ATM for a check deposit if you don’t want to. Learn more about the other ways Suffolk’s mobile banking conveniences can make your life easier.

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