Month: July 2020

Suffolk Federal Credit Union Announces Partnership with GrooveCar

As Long Island reopens and more people begin preparing to go back to their daily lives, auto dealers are beginning to see an increase traffic at their dealerships.  As this trend continues, and as we adjust to the new normal, Suffolk Federal has partnered with GrooveCar to assist their members with their auto purchases.  Members… Read more

Suffolk Federal Presents $37,650 in College Scholarships

Suffolk Federal presented a total of $37,650 in college scholarships ($6,275 each) to six local high-school seniors who will be attending Suffolk County Community College. “Supporting our younger generation on their education journey by lessening the financial burden on students and their families is a critical mission for Suffolk Federal.  This is especially important this… Read more

Suffolk Federal Extends Community Support to The Gateway Performing Arts Center of Suffolk County Through Small Business Relief Grant

Honoring its pledge to invest in the local community, Suffolk Federal has come to the aid of nonprofit organizations as the coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage the area’s economy. The financial institution recently administered a small business relief grant from the Home Loan Bank of New York (FHLBNY), created to support the financial security and… Read more

Suffolk Federal Supports Heart of the Hamptons

In an effort to support the charitable work of local organizations that serve the areas of Suffolk Federal branch locations, the credit union has identified nonprofit organizations to provide financial support to. In Southampton, Branch Manager Vincent Hardalo presents a $1,000 contribution to Heart of the Hamptons. “Heart of the Hamptons, similar to Suffolk Federal,… Read more

What is GAP insurance—and do you really need it?

Automotive Guaranteed Asset Protection—or GAP—is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, a recent study predicts that GAP insurance will become a $6.5 billion market by 2027—a 14.6 percent increase in just seven years. But what exactly is GAP insurance? Why is it becoming so popular? And do you need it? These quick facts can help you… Read more

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