Month: March 2019

Eastport Branch Supports The Eastport Green Project

In an effort to support the charitable work of local organizations that serve the areas of Suffolk Federal branch locations, the credit union has identified nonprofit organizations to provide financial support to. In Eastport, Branch Manager Laura Sferruzzo presents a $1,000 contribution to The Eastport Green Project. “Supporting an organization right here in our back… Read more

Banking for a Better Environment: Credit Unions Nationwide Go Green

The banking industry has always been about ‘the green,’ and lately that has taken on a new meaning, thanks to the evolution of environmentally friendly business practices in the workplace. Many leading credit unions are driving this change by focusing on and adopting environmentally friendly or “green” business practices, which are designed to minimize the… Read more

Suffolk County Officials Warn of New Telephone Scam

Source: Newsday Fraudsters are employing a new phone scam that displays a caller ID that looks like a legitimate source, whether it’s the U.S. Social Security Administration or PSEG Long Island, officials warned Thursday. Suffolk County officials held a news conference last week to warn people about the new scam. In addition, PSEG Long Island held… Read more

First-Time Homebuyers’ Quiz: Can You Ace It?

There are certain milestones in every person’s life they will always remember, from learning to ride a bike and graduating high school to getting married and starting a family. Often, there’s no true way to prepare for these moments other than to enjoy them. But there is one major life milestone where there is no… Read more

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