Month: October 2017

8 Reasons to Bank with a Credit Union

With today’s economic environment, the public is looking for better service and opportunity from their financial institutions. Where they bank, who they do business with and what opportunities are made available is becoming increasingly important. When it comes to financial services, more and more people are finding credit unions to be a favorable choice. What… Read more

Suffolk Federal takes the NYCUA Pledge: 100 Years Strong

It was over 100 years ago that the first credit unions in New York began to take root. Today, Suffolk Federal stands with the New York Credit Union Association who is celebrating their centennial anniversary. There is no telling what the next 100 years might look like, but whatever the future holds, we’re proud to… Read more

Protecting Your Financial Future through Effective Financial Counseling

Now more than ever, Americans are recognizing the importance of effective financial counseling. With the fluctuating economy, increasing debt, shifting loan rates, unstable healthcare costs and growing financial investment options, proper guidance can help a person to take control of their financial future and achieve their financial goals. Financial counseling plays a very important part… Read more

5 Things to Know Before Buying or Leasing a Car

More millennials are leasing cars than ever: In fact, that number has gone up an estimated 46 percent in the last five years. But just because leasing is the highest it’s been in recent memory doesn’t mean that buying a car is a bad option. If you’re in the market for a car and unsure… Read more

Annual Food Drive to Benefit Helping Makes U Happy

Stop by any Suffolk Federal branch between October 16 and November 11 to make your donation of nonperishable foods. Helping Makes U Happy aims to demonstrate how every human is capable of making a difference through volunteering; and inspire others to make a difference in their community with the belief that doing good helps the lives of… Read more

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